Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • You have negative thoughts about your body / body image on a daily basis.

  • You want to change your body shape but what you are currently doing is not giving you the results you are after. ​

  • Want to feel confident and comfortable in all your clothes, but instead find yourself staring at your closet picking clothes to hide the areas of your body you feel ashamed of.

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There is nothing worse than battling with your body day in day out, doing your fitness routine and yet not seeing the results you are looking for. 


The truth is...

You DO have what it takes to transform your body…

you just need someone with the right experience to show you the way.


To ensure you are training the correct way for your body type and are held accountable for making the right fitness, diet and lifestyle choices to get you lean and toned and rocking your body in confidence! 



Personal Training with Jaz

This will help you get fit and toned so you can feel confident and happy within your own body.

  • Feel so fit that you’ll be able to wear your entire wardrobe in confidence, instead of worrying about those 'bits' you hate and trying to hide them. 

  • Know how to lose weight and keep it off without starving or depriving yourself.

  • Feel strong, capable and energised. Not weak and lethargic (constantly). 

  • Conquer your insecurities for good and master a few simple techniques that are key to staying fit and toned year round - I promise it's not as boring as it sounds! 

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Book in your first Personal Training in the LLL Studio for just $35!

This training will take you to the next step toward

toning that tummy, increasing your fitness

and feeling extra energy you didn't even know you had.  



When I signed up for personal training I knew I wanted to get fit but I wasn’t sure where to start, I had bursts of enthusiasm that seemed to fade fast. I really wanted to improve my surfing skills but I couldn’t seem to pass a certain point.


The uncertainty I was feeling quickly turned around with Jaz’s motivation and goal setting.

Her friendly and supportive nature made me feel comfortable enough to launch into my fitness journey with confidence.


The food diary was a pivotal moment and I haven’t looked back since. Jaz’s insights and guidance pointed me in the right direction and the difference I felt in my moods and outlook was so amazing, I can’t look back now. 


Her workouts felt empowering and my confidence and stamina flourished filtering into all other aspects of my life.


I could trust that when things got tough, Jaz was there for me, talking me through exercises and striving to get the most out of my session. The positive changes I was feeling on the inside alone were improving my outlook on life.


I did not expect to see such huge results after 12 weeks; I feel I can put my bikini on proud ready for summer. 


I truly broke through a barrier I saw for myself, and my paddling and enthusiasm for surfing is reaping the rewards now.


Jaz, you’ve started me on a journey to a much healthier and happier me. Thank you x