Private Studio (Suffolk Park)

Jaz is a Personal Trainer / Health and Nutrition Coach with 10 years experience, 

 specialising in women's training & health.

Jaz helps women achieve a fit and toned physique

without damaging their health or feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and fatigued. 

"I believe in aesthetics,

but never at the detriment 

of your physical or mental


Jaz embodies a scientific approach, interwoven with holistic

methods she has learnt over the last 10 years of personal training. 


Book a session with Jaz and jump straight into our signature training methods

that have safely toned and empowered hundreds of women.


It will be challenging, and it will also be 100% worth it!


My life changed when I met Jaz. She is amazing! I have learnt so much about myself, and what my body is capable of.


While there were times I wanted to quit after that extra burpie, or that sprint, I couldn't have asked for a better trainer.


I now know that I can do that extra burpie and sprint that little bit faster. After many injuries, Jaz has got me through it all and I am now fitter and stronger than I feel I have ever been.


If you're looking for a big smile, someone to kick your butt, and one that will help you through general life - Jaz is your girl! 


I’ve been training with Jaz for over 3 years and she always motivates me, even on a Monday morning!


I often travel for work and she is great at getting me back on track straight away. 


Jaz is a great trainer, always positive and pushing me to my limits but at the same time taking care of my personal goals and needs.


The changes I’ve been gone through over the years are enormous.


Training with Jaz made me strong and healthy and learn a lot about my body and mind.


Thanks lovely for being such a great support all these years x

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Summer Body Workout Program 

Slim & Tone your entire body in 4 weeks with our proven training techniques and programming. 






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A  four week overhaul of your diet to lean up your body using our specific and effective 4 step process to nutrition.